ARDRBTC closes within previous day's range

Ardor/BTC Index (ARDRBTC) Technical Analysis Report for Aug 11, 2018 [< 1 min read]
ARDRBTC finds buyers again around 0.00001811
ARDRBTC closes within previous day's range
ARDRBTC ends the day indecisive
TQ Sentiment
Report Sentiment: 50% Bullish
Technical Forecast:

ARDRBTC finished Saturday at 0.00001837 gaining BTC0.00000011 (0.6%) on low volume. Closing within the previous day's range, prices failed to decisively move past the prior day's trading range. Ending the day with an indecisive close, neither buyers nor sellers were able to gain control during the session.

Daily chart for ARDRBTC

Saturday's trading range was BTC0.00000175 (9.55%), that's slightly below last trading month's daily average range of BTC0.00000192. Things look different on a weekly scale, where volatility is below the markets average with the monthly volatility being slightly below average.

Price Action

After moving lower in the previous session, Ardor managed to close higher but below the prior day's open, forming a bullish Harami Candle.


Prices are trading close to a key support level at 0.00001734. After having been unable to move lower than 0.00001810 in the previous session, ADRD found buyers again around the same price level today at 0.00001811.


The trend is clearly bearish, showing an intact downtrend in the short, medium and long-term.

Order Flow

Selling might speed up should prices move below the close-by swing low at 0.00001732 where further sell stops could get activated.


While classical technical analysis indicates a neutral sentiment for the next trading day, our quantitative statistics show a different picture being bearish.

Market Conditions for Ardor/BTC Index
Condition Forecast Direction Win Avg Worst Best Events
Close to R1 Resistance TQ Pro Members Only
2 Consecutive Lower Closes TQ Pro Members Only
Low close to previous low TQ Pro Members Only
Close to Swing High TQ Pro Members Only
RSI(2) below 20 TQ Pro Members Only
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